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Examination & Evaluation

Higher Secondary (HS)
Apart from the final examination of AHSEC, it is mandatory to both Higher Secondary I year and II year students to appear in the Pre-Final Examination arranged by the institution. B.A. & B.Sc. (Both CBCS & Semester System)
(a) Examination and evaluation shall be done on a continuous basis, at least three times during each semester. (b) There shall be 20% marks for internal assessment and 80% marks for End-semester examination in each course during every semester.
 Internal Assessment: (i) In Internal Assessment, different tools such as objective tests, written tests, assignments, paper presentation, laboratory works, etc. suitable to the courses may be employed. (ii) The students shall be required to compulsorily attend internal assessment including appearing the Sessional Tests, failing which they will not be allowed to appear for the EndSemester Examination. A student cannot repeat in-semester examinations. The department may arrange special in-semester examination whenever necessary.

Rules for Internal Assessment in B.A./B.Sc./ B.Com. Programmes in Semester System

1.) The marks allotted for Internal Assessment (20%) in each course shall be based on the following:
a) Sessional Examination I (Written): 25% of the marks allotted for internal assessment.
b) Sessional Examination II (Written): 25% of the marks allotted for internal assessment.
c) Seminar/ Group Discussion: 25 % of the marks allotted for internal assessment.
d) Attendance: 25 % of the marks allotted for internal assessment
End Semester Examination:
(i) There shall be one End Semester examination carrying 80% Marks in each course of a Semester covering the entire syllabus prescribed for the course. The End semester examination is normally a written/laboratory-based examination/Project work/Dissertation.

Results and Progression:
1) A candidate shall be declared as passed in a course, provided he/she secures:
    (a) At least 40% of marks in each Course in the End Semester Examinations
    (b) At least ‘P’ Grade in the 10 point scale combining both the in-semester and         EndSemester performance. There shall be no separate pass mark for Internal Assessment.
2) A candidate shall be declared as passed in a semester/programme, provided he/she secured at least ‘P’ grade in the 10 point scale in all the courses separately.
3) The marks of In-semester examinations obtained by the candidate shall be carried over for declaring any result.
4) A candidate who fails or does not appear in one or more courses of any end semester examinations up to 6th Semester shall be provisionally promoted to the next higher semester with the failed course as carry over course (s). Such candidates will be eligible to appear in the carry over course in the next regular examinations of those courses.
5) If a candidate clears the 6th Semester examination before clearing all the courses of the previous semesters, the result of the 6th Semester examination of that candidate shall be withheld and his/her results be announced only after he/she clears the courses of the previous semesters.
6) A candidate shall be declared to have passed the Bachelor’s Degree in the concerned discipline provided he/she has passed all the Semesters and in all the courses separately. 7) The first rank holder of a programme shall be decided on the basis of the CGPA. However, the Overall Weighted Percentage of Marks (OWPM) of a candidate shall be considered in case of tie in CGPA.

Grading System:
1. The absolute grading system shall be applied in evaluating performance of the students. The following scale of grading system shall be applied to indicate the performances of students in terms of letter grade and grade points as given below:

Letter Grade


Grade Point



10 (Marks securing above 90%)



09 (Marks securing 80% - 90%)


Very Good

08 (Marks securing 70% - 80%)



07 (Marks securing 60% - 70%)


Above Average

06 (Marks securing 50% - 60%)



05 (Marks securing 40% - 50%)



00 (Marks securing below 40%)




2) The Letter grade ‘B+’ and above shall be considered as First Class and Letter grade ‘B’ shall be considered as Second Class.
3) If a candidate secures ‘F’ Grade in a course, he/she shall have to reappear in the Course in the next legitimate chance.
4) If a student secures ‘F’ Grade in Project Work/Dissertation/assignment etc., he/she shall have to re-submit it after necessary revisions. The result shall be declared with next regular batch.

 Betterment Examination:
A student shall be entitled to take the ‘betterment examinations’ in any two theory courses of any of the six semesters after passing the Sixth Semester examination only once. In this case, the higher marks secured by the student shall be retained. The candidates shall have to apply for betterment examination within one year of passing the Sixth Semester examination. No betterment shall be allowed in the practical examination.
(There shall be no provision for re-evaluation of the answer scripts of the end semester examinations. However, a candidate may apply for re-scrutiny.)
A student must clear all his/her Semester Examinations within Six (06) years from the dates of admission to the First Semester of any Programme irrespective of the number of examinations appeared by the student, viz. First and Second Semester Examinations shall have to be cleared in six consecutive chances, Third and Fourth Semester Examinations shall have to be cleared in five consecutive chances and Fifth and Six Semester Examinations in four consecutive chances. However, after the first chance of the Fifth and Sixth Semester Examinations, the candidate shall be considered a non-regular candidate.