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Department of Assamese
Assamese, Asamiya or Oxomiya is an Eastern Indo-Aryan language spoken mainly in the state of Assam, where it is an official language. The easternmost of the Indo-Aryan languages, it is spoken by over 13 million native speakers, and serves as a lingua franca in the region.It is also spoken in parts of Arunachal Pradesh and other northeast Indian states. Nagamese, an Assamese-based Creole language is widely used in Nagaland and parts of Assam. Nefamese is an Assamese-based pidgin used in Arunachal Pradesh. Small pockets of Assamese speakers can be found in Bangladesh. In the past, it was the court language of the Ahom kingdom from the 17th century.

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  • Dr.Manabee Gogoi
    Associate Professor   
  • Dr.(Mrs.)Sugandhi Das
    Assistant Professor
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    HOD, Associate Professor   
    Assistant Professor