Opening for admission Session: 2017-2018


Mariani College Library!
We have more than 30,000 text and reference books.

The College has a well-stocked library with more than 30,000 text and reference books covering various subjects and general interest. It also provides to the students some of the important Journals, Magazines and News- papers in the Reading Room. In addition to the Central Library every Department has a small Library attached to it with some books and Journals for regular use. The Commerce Department has a separate well collected Library maintained by Commerce Forum of Mariani College.

Library Card is issued to students immediately after the admission is over. Students can borrow books against their Library Card for duration of 15 days only.

Library Timings:-

 Monday through Friday : 10 AM to 5 PM
 Saturday : 10 AM to 1 PM


Library Staff:-

  Sri Ratan Singh(Library Assistant)
  Sri Brojen Dutta(Library Bearer)